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We are proud to share our special terriers with you.  As we add terriers in the future, we will update this page with new photos and descriptions.



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Whitehaven Emma
11.75", Tricolor, Lightly Broken Coat
(Natural Instincts Q x Hi-Flashun Phoebe

Natural Hunting Certificate

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      Sire and Dam:


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Fox Island Believe

13 ", Tricolor, harsh light Broken
(Fox Island Rock x F.I. Cher)

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        Sire and Dam: Grip_Babs.jpg



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Whitehaven Jenna

12 ", Tricolor, Rough
(Whitehaven Romulus x Whitehaven Summer Breeze)

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        Sire and Dam: Grip_Babs.jpg


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12 3/8", Brown & White, Smooth
(Hocus Pocus x Sammy)
Neutered Pet




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