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TazTaz is a neutered smooth coat Jack we adopted in April of 2000 as an 18 month old from a couple who could no longer keep him. He was our first JRT, and provided a "paws on" introduction to Jack Russells. Although we have had other breeds of dogs in earlier years, neither of us has ever encountered a dog with Taz’s combination of personality and intelligence. Needless to say, he made JRT fans for life out of both of us.

We often refer to Taz as engaging, in that it is almost impossible to ignore his playful antics and charm. Clearly, his mission in life is to play as much as possible with as many playmates as possible, both human and canine. He begins each day by stretching, then rolling on his back and inviting anyone nearby to play with him.Taz Rockin' It

His favorite pastimes are "rocking it", hiking a round rock back between his rear legs like you would hike a football, car rides, playing in the park, lure coursing, racing, and watching television.

Taz watching TVHe’s the only dog we’ve ever known who can clearly distinguish shapes on TV, such as animals from humans, and will react immediately to the image of any animal that appears on the tube. He’ll even bark at the still photo of a dog shown on a computer screen!

Taz has made us both laugh more times than we can recall. This remarkable little comic is our pride and joy, and it would be hard to imagine life without him.



Taz and much needed rest           Taz inviting to play


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