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      Phoebe at Work       Good boy!           Enjoying the spring
                Digging practice                       What can I steal next?                       A Squeaker to Disable!

      Romeo        I heard my name...          That's stretchy
                   I didn't do it!                          I heard my name                                    Boys at play!

                                                          I'm on it!                                                    

       Top Gun Challenge Winners     Looking Cute      Snuggling
           Top Gun Challenge Winners                 Pausing for second wind                          Now That's Stretchy!

       I know its there!  I know its There!, No, Here!!         FLYING!!!!!!!          Comfy
              Doing what Jacks do best                             Taz airborne                            Did we look too comfortable?

      Romulus son          Zzzz        Snuggling
             Adorable & Smart                             Company is sooo exhausting !                       Some Quality Time

    Not our idea         Puppy resting!!         Focused
      Sigh, the things we have to endure                    Planning for tomorrow....                         Adorable and Focused


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